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Born, raised, and proudly residing in his hometown of Williamsport, Pennsylvania, Joel is well-known and very respected as a versatile, road-schooled drummer who has performed, recorded, or otherwise worked with countless acts over his 48-plus years as a musician. As comfortable playing blues or soul / R&B as he is playing jazz, reggae, latin, or zydeco, Joel's musical reputation is that of being a drummer of finesse and understated creativity, with an innate ability to improvise, a tasteful approach, keen ears, and an affable, humble persona.

Taking up the drums at the age of 12, and primarily self-taught, Joel lovingly credits his late mother's steadfast support and inexplicable enjoyment of all that racket in the basement for what would become his life's passion. Fast-forward, and he has since relished a veritable cornucopia of memorable musical experiences with the likes of Bo Diddley, Grammy Nominee Melissa Reaves, Davy Jones, Levon Helm, The Spiral Starecase, Dave Keyes, Joan Osborne, Gabe Stillman, Tino Gonzalez, and other touring artists. Regionally, he is well-known for performing with past acts Rubber Soul & The Helter Skelter Horns, Bluezilla, Blow Dog & The Maple Men, and perhaps his most prolific band, The Blind Chitlin Kahunas ... with whom he recorded their acclaimed, singular album This Old Guitar.

Currently, Joel performs most often with multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter Doug McMinn in their blues band, jazz quartet, and highly popular 'jam' band
Lumpy Gravy ... as well as performing with the blues band Chris T. Harp & The All-Stars. Joel can also be found sitting in often with popular local acts The Family Ties, The Flipside, The Lynn & Farley 5, and others, as he is the "first-call" drummer in the region for both live performance and studio recording.

A 1980 graduate of Williamsport Area High School, Joel later earned his B.A. Degree in Philosophy at Lycoming College, and has since enjoyed a long and successful history in small business management, marketing, and web & graphic design. He has also been a long-time community advocate, having notably built and maintained websites dedicated to promoting his hometown region's vibrant and flourishing cultural scene. In the past, he has served as Vice President of the Williamsport Business Association, as well as working closely (as a board member or consultant) with the Lycoming Arts Alliance, Williamsport Chamber Choir & Orchestra, Billtown Blues Association, Scottish Rite Complex Revitalization Board, James V. Brown Library, Uptown Music Collective, and others.

Joel continues to offer his skills and experience as a free-lance web designer, graphic artist, and marketing, social media, and small business management consultant.

In his downtime, Joel's enjoyments include working around his house & yard, watching movies (an admitted movie-holic), relaxing on his deck amongst a beloved menagerie of outdoor critters (including his highly-trained, loyal legion of attack squirrels), craft beer, catching live music, taking in the great outdoors (especially fishing), and generally being a silly person ... whether out with friends or goofing around on social media. His online shenanigans with creating memes, satirical graphics, themed posts, and ridiculously long rants have earned him quite a following on Facebook, particularly for his ode to 'Hump Day' with spoof magazine
Humping Weekly.
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